The Republic of Kids
The Republic of Kids - Sanjeev Singh Thakur

Sanjeev Singh Thakur (Founder-Chairman)

Mr Sanjeev Thakur is the backbone of the education enterprise. He is a first-generation entrepreneur and an engineering graduate from MANIT, Bhopal. Mr. Sanjeev has aimed to have a school where studies are balanced with a wide range of activities from sports to exploration. The Republic of Kids is just that and so much more.
The Republic of Kids - Vimlesh Thakur

Vimlesh Thakur (Founder)

Mrs Vimlesh Thakur is like a big tree under which all great ideas take birth and bloom. She believes in giving back to the society more than what she receives. At the age of 75, she is extremely social and helping. She continues to motivate and inspire the Team of TROK to do better every day.
The Republic of Kids - Arjita S Singh

Arjita S Singh (Founder-Vice chairperson)

The Republic of Kids was born from the idea and commitment of Mrs Arjita Singh with the deep knowledge and passion for pedagogy in early childhood education thereby creating the environment most conducive to children’s learning. An MBA and an international Illustrator & Crafter, Arjita Singh has devoted her entire career to childhood education since 2007, inspired by Howard Gardner approach and its unique pedagogy.
The Republic of Kids - Shweta Khare

Shweta Khare (Chief of Curriculum Development)

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Nursery Teacher’s Training Diploma with distinction. She has served as the Academic Head and Principal in 11 years. With a soft-hearted yet firm personality, Shweta has excellent communication, interpersonal, and people management skills, enabling her to effectively coordinate with a varied group of students and staff.

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