The Republic of Kids

Great teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love

The Republic of Kids - Jyoti Yadav

Jyoti Yadav (Principal)

Qualified as Masters In commerce, M. Phil and a post-graduate diploma holder in Computer Application, Jyoti is an experienced administrator and has served in varied prestigious educational groups for a decade. She is an experienced and dynamic individual, who drives the institution with a passion to impart quality education and is committed to the overall development of children and staff at TROK.

The Republic of Kids - Aanchal Ubhrani

Mrs. Aanchal Ubhrani

A B.Com & a diploma holder in interior designing, Aanchal has experience of eight good years in teaching. Aanchal reiterates that she loves being a teacher where she can express her creativity and spend quality time with kids. She loves inspiring children to be enthusiastic learners.

The Republic of Kids - Anita Paliwal

Anita Paliwal

Her love for learning and exploring made Anita complete the courses- BSc., MA in English, BEd, PGDCA & Diploma in fashion Designing. She believes in `Going with the flow, but be prepared for the worst! Over a decade, She has worked with a bunch of educational groups pan India. Travelling is her passion and she loves cooking and spending time with kids.
The Republic of Kids - Divya Singh

Mrs. Divya Singh

Divya is a compassionate personality and loves to admire child's curiosity and the way they investigate and learn. A degree holder in education and a masters in English literature, she is passionate about providing children with an educational program that nurtures each child's desire to learn. She has a green thumb and is fond of listening to music.
The Republic of Kids - Monika Khanna

Mrs. Monika Khanna

Monika is a passionate teacher and has been a part of the growth journey of many children for more than a decade. She is always interested in passing her knowledge and support to other educators, which allows them to create a caring and safe environment. A trained nursery teacher, she is a science and technology graduate and loves cooking and reading too.
The Republic of Kids - Poonam Bajaj

Mrs. Poonam Bajaj

A BA, B.ED.Poonam has been teaching kids for the past & years. Learning many languages is one of her talents .She loves being a part of the learning journey of kids and strongly believes that meaningful and respectful relationships with all are the key!

The Republic of Kids - Shikha Chhugani

Shikha Chhugani

Shikha is an, and has a working experience of 7 years in teaching and facilitating learning. She often says that she learned so much from children, it’s not a one-way exchange. She loves setting up learning, engaging with children in play and activities and observing them making connections with their world.

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